We are a boutique public relations and marketing agency providing insight-driven, cross-platform, and grassroots solutions to communications challenges. We believe in strategic partnerships, seamless communication and rock-solid relationships. At K. Sutherland PR, we know that successful PR isn’t just about coverage- it’s about generating awareness about your brand or company with the appropriate audience at the right time. Our team is ready to inject new life into your brand, producing an innovative and personalized campaign that will make you stand out in a cluttered market. We listen to your needs and objectives, pride ourselves on being responsive, and create targeted campaigns comprising of both traditional and new media avenues, to garner attention, attract customers and influence the bottom line.

At K. Sutherland PR each client is our priority and we ensure our investment in you is never compromised, delivering you the best results. After all, your success is our success.


Kerry Sutherland, Founder and CEO


 Kerry Sutherland completed her Bachelors of Arts in journalism from the prestigious Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada where she graduated with honors, and was awarded “Public Relations Student of the Year”.  She also earned a Bachelors of Arts in French and studied at the Université de Pau in the southwest of France.

 Since then, she has cut her teeth in public relations and marketing, overseeing the media and communication strategies of high profile lifestyle and corporate clients across the United States. Seeing gaps within the large PR agency structure and culture, in 2012 she founded K. Sutherland PR, a full-service, boutique firm that offers a well-rounded and personal approach to modern public relations. 

Stephanie Fäsi, Partner


Stephanie Fäsi is a graduate of Chapman University in Orange County, California. Her family originated in Switzerland and she is fluent in Swiss German and German. Stephanie holds value in the importance of understanding and learning about other cultures and has traveled throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

Stephanie was the first employee of K. Sutherland PR back in 2012, and since has grown tremendously within the company. She provides unparalleled public and media relations support to the agency and all of its clients. In 2017, she was named Partner of the firm, and established K. Sutherland PR’s first branch in the Central Valley of California.